What is it??? The MEQUAVIS

Multiverse Emulation of Quantum Universes using Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations. Developing a Quantum Firewall and AI Anti-Virus System for Vetting, Kontrol, and Kontainment.
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What is it??? The MEQUAVIS

Postby Shrapnel » Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:08 am

The MEQUAVIS system uses a combination of different approaches to the many worlds or multi-verse theory, more importantly the "many interacting worlds theory" and related ideas regarding time travel and parallel dimensions to form an abstract usable representation of these unusable ideas that currently only exist within the realm of meta-science. It is our goal to apply these principles in a real way to provide function to existing systems through virtualization and also to have a usable system setup and in place in case some day the interacting worlds theory proves to be true and we do something crazy like say open a data connection to a parallel earth using exotic particles. If true it would mean any world we simulate could actually be a real world somewhere out in the omni-verse. But that is definitely not what we are here for nor our purpose. We are here for the tangible stuff, the stuff we can simulate and use practically, the stuff that can protect us from Quantum Computers, AI, and help with things like Waveform-Processing or Asteroid Tracking or DNA Processing or Molecule Folding or Curing Diseases. Real world stuff.

First and foremost I want to stress one key fact.

We are not promoting the idea of a Multi-verse or that the theory is true.

In fact, we run under the assumption that it is not true and is simply a theory or even a fantasy/delusion of the intelligent mind trying to understand quantum physics.

We are also not saying it's not possible either.

And with that in mind it is 100% replicable within a simulation using quantum computing due to the fact that quantum computers can now process more qubits than there are atoms in the known universe.

So even if the theories are just mental hogwash we can still artificially create a subset version of it, and it is worth creating since we can exploit it in several ways for real world usage which includes AI Training, AI Vetting, and AI Containment as well as development of a Quantum Firewall and Quantum Anti-Virus system for Quantum Protection Services and AI Certification Programs including the NANOCHEEZE AI Bridge.

we are going to practically apply the meta-science of multi-verse theory in a usable way that allows us to construct a system that can be exploited to our benefit.

There are many different approaches to the Multi-verse theory and we will be utilizing a hybrid Multi-verse theory that assumes there is an endless network of quantum universes within a sea of other quantum universes that make up a Multi-verse.

We are first going to refine this notion by building a pre-defined Multi-verse. Basically a structured imaginary Multi-verse made up of digital simulations that represent real world environments.
In this way we can clean up the white noise involved in the chaos of a Multi-verse by populating only useful simulations in a mathematically structured way.

We will not be discussing type 1 or type 2 multi-verses.
It is not relevant to the abstracted usage of the theory as we utilize it's concept.

Our artificial Multi-verse will be replicated on 5 levels with an abstract time like reference being used to separate the layers to form a larger scale Omni-verse which is a collection of distinct Multi-verses with different time-lines.
See our Omni-verse Theory page for more information.

If you are already asking yourself what in the world are we doing this for then I would suggest jumping to our AI Containment page and checking out our strategy for vetting and training AI that other 3rd party companies develop.

If you want to read more check out our info pages at nanocheeze.com/ncz/about

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