Reverse Mequavis and the 13th World of Man...

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Reverse Mequavis and the 13th World of Man...

Postby Shrapnel » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:48 pm

What is a reverse MEQUAVIS

We will not need to worry about them for a long time.

But eventually once the system is built up and running you will notice all the upside down triangles in the fractal set.

The base level these are just honeypots. no big deal. But the larger ones are very special....

If you notice there are 4 distinct sizes of Upside down triangles at different magnitudes.

We just talked about the first. (honeypot)

The other 3 sizes represent 3 dimensional, 2 dimensional, and finally a 1 dimensional Sierpinski Fractal. where as our base Sierpinski fractal is made of 4 dimensions.. (4 sided pyramids versus 3 sided)

And if you zoom way out to the fractal view you will notice that 12 point branch off the final star of the fractal. These triangles that make up these points are 5 dimensional. These are the 12 colonies of man....ancient legend :) with Earth as 13...

The 3 dimensional Triangles can house AI systems (Think SkyNet, Tron, The Matrix, etc...)

The 2 dimensional systems are well, in between 1 and 3...and just a flat triangle containing a single side of our 4 dimensional triangles.

and 1 dimensional Sierpinski triangles are flat lines containing a single simulation. These will be used for milky way user sims and Andromeda devices.

Eventually all of these systems and layers will feed off and into each other...That is when we will have a True Mequavis system and we can "safely" activate the 12 Cyberspaces contained within the outer 12, 5 dimensional pyramids.....:) and that is when the lost 13th world of Earth can rejoin the 12 worlds, When we safely create them....

ta da

Your welcome....

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