could bes and should bes

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could bes and should bes

Postby Shrapnel » Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:01 am

Our system should be able to detect and identify should be and could bes.

OK, Again, WTF do you mean now?

Pretty self explanatory here.

A should be is something that should definitely happen but doesn't necessarily have to happen...based on our criteria of should of course

A could be is something that could happen if we wanted it to and won't directly affect a should be.

Multiple different could bes can lead up to the same should be.

The concept is like taking the Butterfly Effect and nullifying it with the river dumps where it should concept.

We can divert or dam a river all we want but the water usually still ends up dumping into the same ocean regardless of how or where it traveled to get there.

Take the concept of fate or destiny. If something was destined to happen then it doesn't matter what happens in between when it was ordained to be destiny and when destiny is fulfilled. Anything can happen in between as long as those things lead to the final destined outcome.

The idea here is that we can start to identify what "destiny" is or should be. And we can produce a list of possible "should bes" and we can start implementing different "coud be" scenarios based on which could bes produced the best overall result to people and society in order to achieve a set should be goal we set.

IE. We want a self driving car grid...Ok, We have our should be. "Cars should self drive us where we want to go" then add "safely" to start building your could bes list. We then start modeling could bes in our system until a pleasant outcome results for our should be.

Basically make a map to to follow for our own manifest destiny.

Many, Many lives could be saved and many more accidents and events could be avoided or at the very least be identified so we are prepared and ready when something does go wrong instead of being caught with our metaphorical pants down...

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