System Design and Multiverse Discussion

Multiverse Emulation of Quantum Universes using Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations. Developing a Quantum Firewall and AI Anti-Virus System for Vetting, Kontrol, and Kontainment.
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System Design and Multiverse Discussion

Postby Shrapnel » Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:09 am

Look over the about pages and comment your thoughts and ideas on current System Design.

We are always changing, adapting, and improving what we have come up with so far...

Most of this idea is the result of many books, papers, presentations, and movies all picked apart and made into one usable thing. so...

Personally I feel like the world and all of it's authors came up with this idea...The information has been just waiting to be stitched together.

You ideas are not dumb so please do not hesitate to suggest or point something out...

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