The Waveform works in both directions (stop a black hole?)

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The Waveform works in both directions (stop a black hole?)

Postby Shrapnel » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:44 pm

So, resent studies are showing that a group of electrons can pass through a tiny hole faster than single electrons one by one.

So, let me be the first to explain why this is...

It is the same as how a particle while in waveform can be in many places at once until observed.

In this case however it is reversed. If you force a particle to go through a place where it can only be in one place it now no longer is a standard waveform.

It is a waveform acting as a particle. Now if you cram a whole bunch of these wave form particles towards that same hole, they all act as a particle in waveform form.

Thus many become one! It's simple.

But this leads to a whole new field of energy storage and transfer...

Could I not now make a nano ring of atoms and fold it over itself just perfectly using the right atoms to form a tunnel just big enough for one electron to travel around a ring in a circle. basically a miniature partical accelerator loop/track but no accelerator...

Any electrons shot into this loop from an angled track would enter the waveform and the electrons would start to stack as they spread out through the ring. They would have many spaces in degrees around the ring but only one possible location to fit within that degree around the ring. So once enough electrons were put into this ring they would start to stack on top of each other in the same locations and the many would become one.

Theoretically you could store an unlimited number of electrons within a very very tiny they would just keep stacking up and becoming one at the very degree locations around the track.

Releasing that energy is another thing though...but you could technically find a way to make a very powerful battery for space travel or whatever else using this principle. It would be like the idea of a 0-point energy module in Stargate.

But I suspect a device like this could be made as an emergency brake for an accidentally created black hole.

Imagine throwing one of these electron absorbing rings into a black hole that was going to wipe everything out. this thing would absorb all the electrons and leave the black hole too unstable to keep a singularity going and it would explode with protons instead...and die...

Would still be a big boom where they screwed up and made a black hole, but it at least wouldn't gobble up the planet....Maybe CERN should have one of these on standby....Just saying...

Just don't throw it into a real black hole or a massive black hole. I dare even ponder the consequences...Would be one hell of a battery though if you could find a way to get that battery back afterwards. lol

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