Skybox areas

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Skybox areas

Postby Shrapnel » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:34 pm

In our system we will definitely run an overall simulation of everything that is not Earth.
Basically we want to simulate the universe minus Earth in real-time or at least what we can manage of it.

The key here is that we will model it from the big bang forward to now and then continue the model in real time.
This can eventually be used for all sorts of things such as asteroid tracking.

Of course this model will start small and grow.
We will only simulate the asteroid belt or the solar system at first for example.
We then move up in scale to the galaxy when possible, etc.

Just remember we can cheat with the same principles we observe in quantum physics which is what we already sort of do in good simulations anyway.

Such as if we simulate all 450 million stars in the Milky-way, we don't actually have to simulate each one down to the scale of our solar system.
Unless we look inside it for some reason.

So our simulation will only simulate to scale what's visible and then what gets looked at from there.

It will take time and work to get the cheating concept down and implemented proper but it is straight from mother nature's own play-book as it seems.

Our first generation of this simulation can be used to detect and map asteroids and comets and all such dangers around our planet in our local part of space.
NASA or whomever would obviously take lead on running and developing a module for this type of thing but then run it on our cloud.
We could then help track everything in real time.

Each iteration layer or step in the pyramid which is our overall Ultra-verse of Omni-verses will have a unique outer skybox represented by a galaxy (until we get to iteration 16). These unique skybox areas can be leased or sold to gaming companies for use in games such as the one above. We hope to team up with the Warhammer team to do one of our early iteration skyboxes in this fashion but note that iteration skyboxes can be anything we want. Also note that each iteration gets larger by huge factors of scale after the 16th iteration and jumps to the cluster of galaxies level of scale and beyond.

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