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Welcome to XT Development!

XT Development is home of NanoCheeZe and the AI defense project known as The MEQUAVIS. We have operated as a construction and janitorial company for 2 years and have recently opted to drop the construction side of things going into our third year of business. I (Kenny) am honestly torn on this and we may revisit this especially considering we still have the bond and insurance, but we have not renewed our contractor's license this year as we have not been utilizing it at all and our plate is full with other work. We have been focusing on our floor care services which are going great! We currently service almost 50 locations for a popular auto parts store! Among others... We travel to remote locations servicing locations for businesses that other companies refuse to travel to and we do an excellent job doing strip and re-coats, scrub and re-coats, and sweep-mop-buff/burnish services twice a month...Our AI project is officially involved in the NVIDIA AI Inception Program and we are actively seeking entry into other programs like YCombinator and strive to one day present our project at the GTU and more for the world to see! We are currently a family run business that hopes to expand into a truly unique company and experience. We also have a proof of concept demo of our nanocheeze app available to test if you are interested as well! Make sure to visit for more info on our project!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Erica Thorson 28/05/2016

Kenny is my brother and I know from growing up with him that he can get just about anything you need..

Lynne Tale 01/07/2016

Kenny and Taunya did excellent work on my deck. They are a good team, both work hard. I wish I could..

Pam Warner 16/03/2016

XT Development does great work. Use their expertise...

Featured Products and Services

VCT Floor Strip & Wax

VCT Floor Strip & Wax

This is for a full strip and wax of vct flooring. stripper solution and wax provided in cost.This se..

Priced As Low As $350.00

Sweep, Mop, & Buff Service

Sweep, Mop, & Buff Service

This is a simple sweep, mop, and buff service intended for monthly maintenance of vct flooring. This..

Priced As Low As $50.00

Scrub and Recoat

Scrub and Recoat

This for a scrub and recoat service. This service is the same as a sweep mop buff service with the a..

Priced As Low As $150.00

Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service

Janitorial Serviceavailable at great hourly rates with 2 person teams.Contact us for more informatio..

Priced As Low As $0.00