CCB# 207090


XT Development is always looking for skilled and dedicated members to join our team.

We are actively looking for laborers to join our on-call program.

Joining our on-call team will pave the way to joining our team part or full time.

Simply sign up as a new affiliate
then upload your resume
upload any additional information
wait for account approval

If we like what we see you will be notified by email that your new affiliate account has been activated,

You can then be added to our list and when we need a hand we will either call you direct if we have a job specifically tailored to your skills or we send out a group text/email for more general jobs which are filled on a first to respond basis.

Click Here to apply to the team!

Please do not follow up or call about your application to our system unless you receive an error.
You will be notified via email by our system administrator if your account is activated.

If you follow all directions and submit a readable resume,
your account will be activated and an interview process can begin.