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Welcome! My name is Kenny Thorson and I started this company in 2009 under the name Nanocheeze Software. Well, it wasn't really a company at the time and was just me publishing nonsense. I registered XT Development as the parent company of the idea in 2015 and began doing janitorial based services throughout the state of Oregon.

I’ve earned two Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science, one in Software Engineering and the other in Computer Information Systems (CIS), as well as also minoring in Business Administration and Mathematics.  I grew up in two small towns in Minnesota, in the latter part of my adolescence I lived on our family farm in Houston, MN, and prior to that,  a small town called LeCenter, MN where I lived until junior high started. I attended college at Winona State University in Winona, MN.

Why XT Development?

This site is dedicated to helping people learn about XT Development's services and products, share their own experiences and promote their life changing experiences.

I started XT Development in May 2015 mainly because my son had just been been born and I  decided I wanted to be a positive role model in this little man's life. Since then I’ve added several great members to our team and we have began to grow something amazing! I have found a clear path in regards to integrating my computer science work and my real life work in the floor care industry. Robots are going to change the world! And XT Development is poising itself to be ready to be a part of that!

If you would like more information on XT Development please get in touch through my contact page.

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