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About XT Development, Inc.

Welcome to – a company that helps clients build their dreams come true!

Welcome! My name is Kenny Thorson and I’m a full-time business man making a living from the construction and technology fields with a clear emphasis on development in both the property sense and software side of things. I still develop websites and small custom software packages for clients and businesses under the name Nanocheeze Software.

I’ve earned two Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science, one in Software Engineering and the other in Computer Information Systems (CIS), as well as also minoring in Business Administration and Mathematics… I grew up in two small towns in Minnesota and in the latter part of my adolescence I lived on my family farm with my family and late father, retired Sergeant Larry E. Thorson of the Minnesota Highway Patrol. but more of that some other time.

Why XT Development?

This site is dedicated to helping people learn about XT Development's services and products, share their own experiences and promote their life changing experiences.

I started XT Development in May 2015 mainly because my son had just been been born and I  decided I wanted to be a positive role model in this little man's life. Since then I’ve added several great members to our team and we have began to grow something amazing!

Since then I’ve also tried to get into the Tiny home industry with the specific intent of eventually helping the homeless with small temporary structures to get people back on their feet.

If you would like more information on XT Development please get in touch through my contact page.

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XT Development Events

Lastly – if you’re in Oregon you might also like to check out the XT Development events that we hold. We’ plan to have many and they’re a great opportunity to get together with others to learn and network.