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We Build it, They Come...

We specialize in eCommerce solutions for small businesses.

Our service includes an OpenCart based website or one of many other PHP driven solutions such as Grav. The systems we build off of are heavily modified by our engineers to fit just about any need.
This site is an example of a working eCommerce site and you would have the option of including anything you see on this site and more.

A custom punch-card and calendar portal for your employees to track time-cards and log daily activities with GPS tracking.

Our sites include a desktop and mobile viewing version,integrated and fully customized to support touch/swipe gestures.

We can custom engineer special request features for an additional fee.

Service also includes advertising on Facebook, Google, and Bing. You decide how much money you want to spend on each service for advertising each month and we manage the rest.

Full SEO keyword customization for maximum search presence

SSL Security is optionally available as well. This site runs on a 25 bit SSL certificate and is also certified. Your site can be fully secured.

Our sites run on a delicate balance of PHP, HTML, SQL, JQUERY, javaScript, AJAX, XML, JSON, and others when needed. We use OpenCart as our framework.

We also offer full Social Login capability which means your customers can register for an account on your site and login with the simple click of a button using Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any number of about 30 other service providers like Yahoo, LinkedIn, or Windows Live.

You will also get a full database in which to access you customer files and employee files. The possibilities with this data are endless and only limited to what you decide to use it for. We use it to interactively and dynamically build your website on the fly for each and every visitor for a unique and personalized viewing experience.

Our approach to  design, mixed with our eCommerce and marketing tactics will surely drive sales to your business and you will quickly realize what your competitors have been talking about when they say how much their website has helped their sales. You have to have the right website first!

We are not a giant cookie cutter corporation making quick and cheap websites. Our goal is to be the company you hire after you have tried those other services. We will show you what a real website can do for you! Our service may cost a bit more than a do it yourself site or a cheaply made template site, but with us you get a true development team that is dedicated to making sure your site is up and running with the bets of features.

We charge a one time setup and creation fee for your site and then a monthly charge. Your first month service will include setup charge and first month service. Following months will not include the one time setup and creation fee.

Billing is always done to prepay the current month. If payment for billing is late then updates to the site will stop until payment is received. A 6 month grace period is granted to all sites that are late on payments. We will not update delinquent payment sites but they will remain online for your customers to use for a minimum of 6 months but with limited admin access.

Service is a flat monthly fee with the initial creation and setup fee being charged for the first month only. We also offer quarterly and yearly service as well. Our yearly service will save you $1000 on monthly billing and we waive our setup fee so you save $1900.

Here is a list of current features you can expect to get:

  • Optional SSL Security Certificate
  • Google AdWords Express Management
  • Google AdWords Campaign Management
  • Google SiteMap xml page for higher search engine presence
  • Page Sitemap for visitors
  • Site search feature for easy locating of items and info
  • Translation features, Google integration can translate your page into nearly any language on the fly
  • Floating Menu bar with on/off capability (Customizable)
  • Customer Login
  • Customer Database
  • Social Login, including Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and about 30 more!
  • Customer Messaging System (Can also be used as a chat/support system)
  • Google Analytics for tracking traffic

  • Employee Login
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Time-clock/punch-card
  • Employee Calendar/Scheduling system
  • Employee Messaging System
  • Auto-generate weekly time sheets and leave hours
  • GPS coordinates of employee punch in and punch outs
  • Ability for employee to link Social account and login using their social account or from their customer login at main site
  • User accounts can have two emails so you can assign a company email and a social login email for dual login ability
  • Password reset feature
  • Manager management features
  • Site admin features
  • Site Store functionality
  • Ordering database for tracking and processing orders
  • management login to manage items and add new items/categories
  • Slideshows
  • Banners

  • Plus Everything you see on this site!

  • And Much Much More!!!

New or specially customized features can potentially be designed on a contract basis.

Visit our Employee section at the bottom of the page to view our employee login and management area (You will need a temp password from our site admin)
or visit our Administrators section to see the order and customer management sections (Also requires a password to view)

Our service will manage a small pool of items for you. However if you are selling many items, as in more than 25 products you will need to use our management software to enter your items into your database on your time or pay additional fees to have us manage that many products for you. Our system is very easy to manage though and you should have no problems entering and managing products.

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