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  • AI Safety Certification - Level 1 (NAICOS1)

This is a pre-order while we develop and launch our internal use only IPFS and block chain cert storage utility.

Consider this our kickstarter package to help us develop the concept out proper! Support us if you believe in the cause!

Certs are not being entered into the cloud at this time. We will announce when we officially start inserting the data!

NAICOS1 is 95% off while we run our kickstarter! ($50 total)

100 available at 95% off then we will offer another lot at 90% off...

These certs are for products and professionals/businesses!

We offer free Level 1 certs for personal non business use. Free personal certs can be found at the link below!

All certs will be registered into an IPFS file/dir and then the hash and name of the cert owner will be written into the NanoCheeZe block chain.

This is for a level 1 NAICOS. This is a visual code inspection by NanoCheeZe approved software engineers and specialists for malicious or bad code and possible compiling and running of code if deemed necessary. NDA signing is available.

This is essentially an AI consultation at it's current level of inception.

Level 2 NAICOS will likely require mandatory code inspection and testing. Level 3 will include testing and iteration inside the preliminary MEQUAVIS. All TBD though.
If you request an NDA it will carry over to upgraded levels, so no need to repurchase NDA at higher levels. Also remember we will always have a generic NDA available for all our customers and their privacy!

Also note that certs will be available to non-profit and open source projects at no cost in most situations and will be provided as time permits on a first come first serve basis.

NAICOS (Nanocheeze Artificial Intelligence Certification Of Safety)

This service will be upgrade-able to a NAICOS level 2 (at reduced rates versus buying a new cert) once the MEQUAVIS is launched officially as a testing and training system for AI. Buying in now at kickstarter discount will save your company tons of money down the line when you will NEED this! This will become an industry standard and will be backed by many big name players. A NAICOS2 will test your AI within an array of different scenarios within a virtual environment. Eventually we will release a NAICOS3 and NAICOS4 that will end up testing your AI in more scenarios than you can even understand or comprehend. literally. We will need Quantum Computer for NAICOS4 though. NAICOS3 is build-able with the IoT and Cloud/Distributed computing. We hope to work with NVIDIA ISAAC and Google AutoML, among others for our higher level NAICOS certs. More on that as developments unfold of course.

Do you write software or build AI systems? Even if your software/hardware doesn't use AI currently or directly, you can still proudly proclaim this certification and display that you support and care about AI safety! If you do purchase in this way for support reasons or simply to purchase while certs are cheap, then you can display your cert without expending it on a specific version of your product so that you can still use your cert actively later when you do add AI into you software or system.

Purchasing this certification also makes a statement that you and your company and software is committed to AI safety and that you support our project and what we are doing to maintain order on this level regarding this technology.

You can purchase this cert without having the cert issued if you so choose as well. If you know you will be needing several projects/versions certified later on in the years to come you may want to consider this while we run our kickstarter! But we will also be offering discounted multi/group packages to our clients as well, so don't mass order certs unless you just want to support us!

You can optionally upload a file as well if there is anything relevant to you, your company, or your software that should be included in the cert's IPFS files.

Please note that this covers one product and one version of that product...We will be offering a monthly* based service for continued certification of software that is updated often. Monthly* certificate update service will Include up to 1 cert revision per month. Discount codes do not apply to monthly* charges unless specifically denoted as being for recurring services. All certs come with 6 months of update service included in the price of the cert. Service does not begin until the cert is actually issued and not just purchased. Monthly* update service is $199 a month standard and if you choose to get this service with a new cert you will only be charged $99 a month until cancelled. If you sign up for monthly* update service after purchasing a new cert then the standard fee is $199 per month as stated. The $99 charge for bundling with new certs is a discount since a standard cert comes with 6 months free.  The discount is cancelled upon subscription cancellation and prices would return to the standard $199 a month. Individual cert update without a subscription is available at a cost of $1200 per update. Do not purchase monthly* service with a cert that you will not be issuing immediately as you will be billed for monthly* service on an un-issued cert unless you plan to issue it with in a timely manner to still take advantage of the savings it offers! These prices are subject to change, tentative, and not binding, but we will do our absolute best to honor these prices for our early adopters for as long as possible in a business based environment...Note that these prices, services, and discounts only apply to Level 1 NAICOS certs and level 2 subscription services may and will likely differ!

You may also purchase this product to hold and resell at a later date when certs are not on sale. An un-issued cert is transferable and resale able, so non-developers can invest in certs to resell if desired.

coupon is limited to 10 per customer, 100 total coupons available at 95% off or a $500 total before applicable taxes. additional fee may apply for certain cases such as enterprise systems, distributed/cloud based systems or for NDA agreements.

terms and conditions of this certificate are subject to change and details are not yet finalized. taxes included in sale price if applicable. Please note that even if you choose not to opt for an NDA that we adhere very strictly to respecting your privacy and intellectual property. Not asking for an NDA will be respected in the same way as if you had. The NDA option is only to cover our legal fees on our side to have our lawyer look over any actual legal paperwork we may be required to sign. If a discount code does apply to NDA costs, we reserve the right to retract discount on NDA costs if legal costs require so. Basically we respect your privacy and property and are willing to work with you in whatever way is needed on a case by case basis. Also a generic NDA will be available to all customers for free once we grow large enough to have one drafted. We will have that NDA drafted with the sales of our first few certs.

Both a printable and digital certificate will be issued for display physically or in web content and/or software. Your software will also be listed on our pages of officially certified software for others to verify your certificate is official!

*Monthly services do require payment through PayPal if selected through the website directly. If you do not want to pay with PayPal you can setup your recurring payments choice with us directly. All certs come with 6 months of service by default. Customer(s) must purchase further subscription(s) separate. You are not required to have monthly service but without it there would be an additional fee for updating your cert if you need to update it. Updates are included with monthly service otherwise.

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AI Safety Certification - Level 1 (NAICOS1)

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